Sunday, October 24, 1999

October 24,1999 - San Salvador

Well another week and finally some work for me.   I'm working on the diving site I mention earlier and as well a local bakeries website.  As well I may have a lead to work at the American Language institute.   I'm not sure what I'll be doing or even if it will happen, but it looks like it maybe a good lead.  Last weekend on Saturday we went to the local mall to see what things San Salvador has to offer.  Nice stuff, but definitely no deals.  On Sunday, we went with our friend Eduardo to see some of the Mayan ruins called Joya de Ceron, and San Andres.  It was really beautiful.

This weekend was a slow one.  Kris worked on Saturday morning and the rest of the time we just sat by the pool.  I think that this coming weekend we are going to go to Guatemala.  Our destination there is a place called Antigua.  Its a little town that is apparently filled with culture...lots of old buildings and a great wildlife. 

Well, it's Monday and we are back to the grind...Ok maybe not.  The weather is still gorgeous and apparently only gets better.  It looks like we are going to be here until the first week of December and them off to Costa Rica.


Tuesday, October 12, 1999

October 12, 1999 - San Salvador

Well a successful week here in San Salvador.  I am by no means an authority after only being here for one week, but it seems not at all like the place I had been described or read about.  It is truly a jewel, and the people the gems around it.  I have been to few placed where people are so nice and genuine.  Already we are making friends.  This weekend, Kris' boss took us to his beach house in an area called La Libertad.  Although there is certainly poverty hear, this was not it.  It was a 3 bedroom house with a pool, a jacuzzi and a private beach.  Needless to say we had a wonderful time.

On Sunday, Kris, Karen and myself when on a volcano crater diving trip.  I don't dive but Kris and Karen said it was spectacular.  As they were diving I was negotiating an exchange with the owner (Alex).  I build his website, and he teaches me to dive.  A fair deal, I think.

Actually Alex turned out to be a great guy and we are hoping to have Papusas (a Salvadorian food) with him this week.

Well the gym awaits so more another day.


Thursday, October 7, 1999

October 7, 1999 - San Salvador, El Salvador

Well last night we had out first real taste of Salvadorian night life.  We first went with some of Kris' friends from work (Luis and Eric) to dinner at a Mexican restaurant called Guadalajara.  I was excellent food, but most interesting was the waiters that spent most of their time going around holding the patrons down and force feeding them tequila shots.  Needless to say Kris didn't resist too much.  For us non-tequila drinkers they just went around and pretended to spill assorted drinks and scare the shit out of us....ok just me!!

Later on Kris' boss Rafael and another Shell person, Eduardo came and we proceeded to the bar next door called Senhor Frog's.  Anyone who has been to Mexico will know this name well.  Same concept....shots, shots and more shots and lots of good Latin music.  Not bad for a Wednesday!!!  Can't wait to hear about the hang-overs at Shell tomorrow.

Adios for now,


Tuesday, October 5, 1999

October 5, 1999 - San Salvador, El Salvador

Well, this is our third day and so far things have been great.  The weather here has been a bit damp.  But apparently it is the end of the rainy season so there is good weather to come.  The hotel we are staying at is very nice.  It is a Marriott and it has great service so far.  Not to mention a wonderful pool.  The restaurant is also quite nice, but not much of a menu. 

I sent my first resume out today.  The language barrier is going to be a little of an issue getting work.  Not many people speak English.   Hopefully we will be getting a tutor. 

Yesterday for dinner Kris, and I had dinner with a girl that is on this project as well named Karen.  We went to this Sushi was quite good.  Today I went grocery lack of food here, they have more brands than we do in Canada!!!  I also went to the Canadian Embassy and registered Kris and I.  Heavy, heavy security, and the people who work there are Salvadorian!!

Anyway, other than that not much else going on but a tropical shower...more soon.