Sunday, October 24, 1999

October 24,1999 - San Salvador

Well another week and finally some work for me.   I'm working on the diving site I mention earlier and as well a local bakeries website.  As well I may have a lead to work at the American Language institute.   I'm not sure what I'll be doing or even if it will happen, but it looks like it maybe a good lead.  Last weekend on Saturday we went to the local mall to see what things San Salvador has to offer.  Nice stuff, but definitely no deals.  On Sunday, we went with our friend Eduardo to see some of the Mayan ruins called Joya de Ceron, and San Andres.  It was really beautiful.

This weekend was a slow one.  Kris worked on Saturday morning and the rest of the time we just sat by the pool.  I think that this coming weekend we are going to go to Guatemala.  Our destination there is a place called Antigua.  Its a little town that is apparently filled with culture...lots of old buildings and a great wildlife. 

Well, it's Monday and we are back to the grind...Ok maybe not.  The weather is still gorgeous and apparently only gets better.  It looks like we are going to be here until the first week of December and them off to Costa Rica.


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