Tuesday, October 5, 1999

October 5, 1999 - San Salvador, El Salvador

Well, this is our third day and so far things have been great.  The weather here has been a bit damp.  But apparently it is the end of the rainy season so there is good weather to come.  The hotel we are staying at is very nice.  It is a Marriott and it has great service so far.  Not to mention a wonderful pool.  The restaurant is also quite nice, but not much of a menu. 

I sent my first resume out today.  The language barrier is going to be a little of an issue getting work.  Not many people speak English.   Hopefully we will be getting a tutor. 

Yesterday for dinner Kris, and I had dinner with a girl that is on this project as well named Karen.  We went to this Sushi place...it was quite good.  Today I went grocery shopping...no lack of food here, they have more brands than we do in Canada!!!  I also went to the Canadian Embassy and registered Kris and I.  Heavy, heavy security, and the people who work there are Salvadorian!!

Anyway, other than that not much else going on but a tropical shower...more soon.


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