Thursday, October 7, 1999

October 7, 1999 - San Salvador, El Salvador

Well last night we had out first real taste of Salvadorian night life.  We first went with some of Kris' friends from work (Luis and Eric) to dinner at a Mexican restaurant called Guadalajara.  I was excellent food, but most interesting was the waiters that spent most of their time going around holding the patrons down and force feeding them tequila shots.  Needless to say Kris didn't resist too much.  For us non-tequila drinkers they just went around and pretended to spill assorted drinks and scare the shit out of us....ok just me!!

Later on Kris' boss Rafael and another Shell person, Eduardo came and we proceeded to the bar next door called Senhor Frog's.  Anyone who has been to Mexico will know this name well.  Same concept....shots, shots and more shots and lots of good Latin music.  Not bad for a Wednesday!!!  Can't wait to hear about the hang-overs at Shell tomorrow.

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