Monday, November 15, 1999

November 15, 1999 - Diving at Lake Llopango

Hello everyone, it's another sunny day in El Salvador and more adventures to tell about.  As our time here in San Salvador slowly comes to an end we are trying to do and see as much as we can before we leave.  This weekend was quite relaxed.  On Saturday we had Spanish classes in the morning and then went to a few book shops in town.   Saturday was a great day...the local pay phone company had a promotion on that so that calling Canada was only $.10 per we tried to reach as many of you as we could.    It was nice catching up with friend and family.

Sunday we had decided to help out at a local event.   Our friends at El Salvador divers, (who we went diving with a few weeks ago and also who are licensing me this week)....were holding a lake clean up even at Llopango lake.  Llopango is quite close to the city and many people live around the coast, so annually about 50 divers get garbage, tires etc. etc. to keep it clean.  It was a great event.  Coke, Shell and Pizza Hut were major sponsors so it worked out well.   If nothing else we got good tans from being on the boat for a few hours.

Other than that folks, not too eventful...this week with be another busy one.  Me training for my Diving course and Kris at work....keep in touch.


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