Monday, November 8, 1999

November 8, 1999 - Costa Del Sol, El Salvador

Hello everyone.  All is well here in El Salavdor.  It's been another great weekend.  As I mentioned we had a friend James come into town.  On Friday night, we introduced him to Salvadorian night life and took him to dinner at La Luna.  It was great.  They had a live band that played classic rock and English.  It was quite a treat.  Later we went to several other local drinking holes.  It was a fun night. 

Saturday morning we ventured off for our all inclusive weekend at Costa Del Sol.  The ride there as very pleasant and a short hour.  When we arrived we were surprised to see the cute little apartments with 3 bedrooms and a jacuzzi in the back.  Just what we were looking for.  To our surprise our first try of the food was amazing.  With an all inclusive package we didn't expect to be getting huge prawns and seafood....that actually taste great.   Well the boys got into the beer and the girls (Karen and I) into the Pina Colada's and Margaritas.  We spent the afternoon and dinner sitting at the very same table by the pool and even convinced the staff to plug in our CD player and speakers for entertainment.  We're not sure what they thought at first, but as soon as Ricky Martin was on, we saw the smiles.  It was truly a great spot.  The beach was long and wide and in the late afternoon we were joined on the beach with a herd of cows.   It was quite a site.  In fact the hotel was filled with strange animals.   They had 6 parrots.  One male named Pedro and the rest his harem.  They were beautiful so we've got photo's to follow.  They also had a bunch of geese and skinny horse.  The geese were beautiful but a bit violent.  No thanks to the boys, Karen saved me from being attacked by a goose.

The evening was beautiful and it turned into a beautiful Sunday as well.  The sky was turquoise blue and not a cloud in it.   Our first adventure for the day was a short boat rise over to a local island.   On the island they has small little stands selling beer, and fish or all sorts.   Being it was an all inclusive package at the hotel none of us had any money.   Us 4 bitter tourists sat in hammocks as we watched the others drink.   Thankfully our ships' captain saved the day.  He must have recognized our dry throats, so he loaned us some money for some drinks. 

The rest of the afternoon we ate and drank and laughed and swam.  Our ride home we stopped for puposas with James.   As we were leaving we realized that the guys couldn't take the bottles of beer in the car...(they need them to get money in exchange). So the puposa lady kindly offered to but the beer in small sandwich bags with straws.  It was quite a site looking at the back seat and seeing James and Kris holding bags of beer with straws in them as they laughed their faces can just imagine!!! 

Another weekend, more wonderful memories.  James left this morning, back to the Bahamas to do some work for Shell and hopefully sell their boat the Lost Shaker.  We'll miss him, but hopefully see him again soon.

Anyway better go for now....thanks to everyone for all the feedback on the site.  More soon...


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