Wednesday, June 14, 2000

June 14, 2000 - St. Vincent and We Got Engaged!

Yes it is true, we are getting married!!  The last few days have been a dream come true!  This past weekend was a long weekend so we decided to go away to one of the islands close to Barbados.  Our friends Karen and Sara who are also on Kris’ project came as well.  We got tickets to St. Vincent and the Grenadines.  We knew nothing about the place, other than it had beaches.  It was truly a paradise.  Green and lush and because of its volcanic origin there were many mountains, a nice change from Barbados’ flat environment.  So we arrived late Friday and had a nice dinner at our hotel.

The next day Kris and I got up early and went for a walk on the beach and that is when he popped the question.  Of course the answer was an overwhelming…YES!!!

The rest of the weekend was like being in heaven, talking about the wedding, staring at my beautiful engagement ring and making calls to the moms and pops.

The island was the perfect setting, beautiful beaches, cliffs and waterfalls.  An unforgettable weekend!!

The have decided to have the wedding in fall of next year, likely the beginning of September.  But we will keep you posted on details.   More news to follow…AHHH... isn’t life grand!!!


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