Wednesday, June 28, 2000

June 28, 2000 - Barbados, Denmark, England, Canada

As this project nears an end we prepare for new adventures in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic.  Kris' new project has finally been set and we are moving there for at least 6 months in the beginning of September.  This summer will be a very busy one.   I leave for Brantford this coming Saturday and Kris follows a few weeks later.   Wedding planning and visiting friends and family will definitely be the focal point of this trip. 

We also have a wedding in Denmark on July 29 where Kris will be best man for his Danish friend Martin.   I've never been to Denmark so I am excited to go and also to meet Martin and his soon to be bride Marianne.  After a week in Denmark we are also going to England to visit a few of Kris' friends and have a reunion with a few of the boys from Bahamas.   Then back to Canada to visit Kris' family in Saskatoon.  As they say no rest for the wicked!!! 

We hope that we will still be able provide some updates on the website at some point this summer, but with this crazy schedule we can't make any promises.  We do  promise to continue documenting the summer adventures in September when we have settled in Santo Domingo. 

We are hoping to have many of you visit us in Santo Domingo, so plan your holiday's and let us know.   For now, have a great summer and take care....til September.


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