Friday, April 30, 2004

April 30, 2004 - Friday night in Inglewood

CKUA.  93.7 FM.  Friday night blues party.  Makes me want to grab my harmonica and rip off a few good blues riffs, maybe I should do that.

It's funny, time seems to be moving so slowly.  In fact, time has never moved so slowly for me in my life, except maybe when I was fifteen years old and had ordered my first Columbia House shipment of fifteen cassettes tapes and had to wait six to eight long, long weeks for it to arrive.  What was in that musical selection?  I remember Queensryche, Ratt, GNR, Led Zeppelin, stuff you can easily download today in a matter of minutes.  Imagine that.  I had to wait six to eight weeks for my I can download it overnight for free, if I so desire.  Well, you'll be happy to hear that I haven't been downloading much Ratt lately!  The only think I've attempted to download recently is an Arrogant Worms song called "Proud to be a Banker", though I couldn't find it anywhere.

So it seems to me that since the dawn of the internet,  there's only now two guaranteed ways to slow time down in this furious world of ours; commit a felony and get yourself some jail time or get your wife pregnant.  I can vouch for the second, my only experience with the first is a brief stint in the North Battleford cop shop after a Mai Tai drinking contest and a midnight tour in my blue '69 Dodge Dart, though in that state, time becomes a little warped anyway.

But the second, oh yes, I can vouch for the second.  My little baby is busy growing ounce by ounce in my beautiful wife's bountiful buddha belly.  It is taking so long, but I suppose I  should be thankful and trying to enjoy the quiet while it lasts.  I guess I'm just anxious to meet the little person face to face.

I haven't been writing a lot of journals lately, but you can expect the "new parent" effect with plenty of pictures and words after Fuzzy's arrival in August....if I can find time!


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