Tuesday, July 27, 2004

July 27, 2004 -Tuesday night in Inglewood

I thought it was about time that I chip in with the website updates and write a journal entry.  It will also be interesting to read this in a few months and remember how dramatically different life was.

I'm 38 weeks pregnant and still growing.  My official due date is August 13th.  The doctors tell me that they will induce me at 41 weeks, thank God, so the latest I'll have the baby is August 20th.  I must say I have had a wonderful, healthy pregnancy but wonderful or not, 9 months of pregnancy is just about all I can handle.  I'll be very happy to see Fuzzy's beautiful face.

Everything is ready for the exciting arrival.  Our house is now fully transformed into a baby haven -- play pens, swings, change tables and cribs.  It's quite unbelievable how much stuff you need for a new baby.

We are also looking forward to all of the family and friends we'll see with the new baby's arrival.  My mom and dad arrive on August 21 and will stay with us for 3 weeks.  We've decided to keep my dad out of trouble by keeping him occupied finishing our basement.  We figure we'll need all the space we can get with a 3rd busy family member.

We are thrilled with this new era in our lives and we are looking forward to ALL that parenthood has to bring...the sleepless nights, dirty diapers, the little smiles and the unconditional love.