Wednesday, October 12, 2005

October 12, 2005 - Home in Calgary

As fall sets in and winter looms, we are now well into our new routine.

I'm back to work full time (2 days from home) and Kris is thoroughly enjoying his Fridays off - Man's Day as he fondly calls them. He and Magnus do their bonding and I slug it out at WestJet. Magnus spends 2 days a week at Maria the daycare lady's house and loves it!! He even has a new 4 year old girlfriend named Lisa! Starting young!

The schedule hasn't been nearly as busy or hectic as we imagined. We still get a nice evening although the days are getting shorter and I find it is getting harder and harder to get up in the mornings.

Since our last journal we have been on a few adventures. Magnus and myself went to LA for a weekend with our good friend Emily. Loved LA and spend lots of time on the beach, shopping and people watching. That was a great time!! Kris had a boys weekend and went fishing with his friends Jon and Chris in the Crow's Nest Pass here in Alberta. No big fish, but they looked like they had a good time in the photos.

We've also went to Victoria for quick visit with Curt (Kris' brother) and then off to Saskatoon and Foam Lake this past weekend for Kris' cousin Isabel's Christening and Thanksgiving. It was great to have a really good visit with the Gustafson side of the family.

We have a trip to Brantford planned to see my family in the next few weeks. Then things shockingly get quiet with no trips on the horizon until a winter holiday to Jamaica in January.

Of course between now and then we have Halloween (Magnus will be a Bee this year), my 34th birthday (aahhhh!!!), Christmas and New Years. My parents will be spending 2 weeks at Christmas time with us, so that will be nice change. We have traveled every Christmas for the last 5 years, so it will be nice to wake up at home.

How the year has passed, only a few more months to go but hopefully lots of new adventures on the horizon.

More soon,


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