Friday, February 10, 2006

February 10, 2006 - Man's day at home with Magnus

Time to break the news - there is another little Olson on the way!  And the due date, as predicted by our first ultra sound yesterday, is August 20, which also happens to be Magnus' birthday, potentially making them exactly 2 years apart.  We are overjoyed at the prospect of another ankle biter, though now it will be two against two instead of two against one.  We're slowly losing the advantage, and like my friend Laurey says, you can't operate a secure facility with more prisoners than wardens.

Ana hasn't started showing yet but she does say her jeans are getting a little tighter at the waist.  She has been getting a lot of morning sickness and hasn't been feeling too well, but hopefully that stage will pass soon.

Everything else is going very well thus far in 2006.  We are planning on moving a house onto our lot at Fishing Lake this spring and using it as a vacation rental so if you are reading this and looking for a great and inexpensive place to spend a week this summer, check lifeisgrand frequently as we'll soon have pictures and rates available.

Just a short one for now, more soon.


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