Tuesday, January 22, 2008

January 22, 2008 - Madeira Beach, Florida, a balcony overlooking the Gulf of Mexico

I have the perfect life and challenge anybody to top it.  Knowing that one's life and fortunes can turn on a dime, I'm not afraid to love my life, relish it, enjoy it, brag about it and be proud of it.  Picture this.  I just finished smoking a lovely Don Tomas maduro corona style cigar with a Kalik in my hand and Ritmo Latino playing on my computer, sitting on the balcony looking down on a perfect beach and a never ending ocean.  Down below in the pool I can see my gorgeous wife ( a "10" by anybody's reckoning) and her lovely parents enjoying the sunshine.  Inside sleeping are my precious children who are both beautiful and perfect and the loves of my life and who will grow up to be smart and wise and outstanding.  We live in a great country and town and enjoy life every day with many more "ups" than "downs".  Ana and I both work for excellent companies but at the same time are together building an excellent company of our own.  We are healthy, happy, hopeful and have traveled more extensively than almost anybody we know.  We count our blessing and feel fortunate and lucky each and every single day.  I have two brothers and a brother-in-law who are my best friends, parents and "extended" parents I love and learn from and grandparents who have lived wonderful lives and are around to share their memories and experience with us and our children.  I have more than thirty first cousins, each of which who are zany, goofy, successful and exceptionally fun to be around.  We have friends that live all over the world who we love and  see as often as possible.  If anybody out there can beat this, please get in touch with me and we absolutely must meet up for a beer.


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