Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Big week for news

It's been one hell of a week for news!

First, we were hit with hurricane strength winds last Thursday, clipping along at 110 kph and making a nice mess of the marina where we dock our sailboat.  Some of the dry docked sailboats were actually blown right off their stands, smashing onto the ground and causing damage to other boats in the process.  Fortunately, our Bella Blue came through it okay so we're very thankful.

First, the royal wedding on Friday.  Being a loyal, upstanding Commonwealth country, one would have thought that we would been granted a holiday to watch the royal nuptials.  But no, I'm afraid that after waking at 4am to catch the princely vows on the telly, we all had to be at work that morning.

Late Sunday night brought the news that Osama bin Laden has been killed in Pakistan by the US.  Though it seems psychotic to celebrate the death of any person, it seems most of the world made an exception in this case, from the crowds of people dancing and cheering in Times Square and ground zero, to the dozens of congratulatory messages from world leaders.  Am I glad he's dead?  Let's just say I'm not sad to see him gone, though I would never teach my children that it's okay to celebrate a death, no matter how bad the person was.  One thing for sure, his actions certainly changed the world and caused much death, hatred and unhappiness.

Monday then brought the Canadian federal election, and it was the most interesting one we've had for many years.  The rise of the left, the fall of the centre, the disintegration of the separatist party, the election of Canada's first Green and the victory of the Conservative party with a healthy majority - an outcome that I think is as good as it could have possibly been.  It will give the Conservatives a chance to prove they are either evil dictators or that they can actually make the difficult decisions that Canada needs to make to maintain our social programs yet balance the budget.  Perhaps this will give the left time to regroup and come to the people with a real option and a real leader with a real vision.  If they do that, then they will win, but until then let's give the power to a party that is willing and ready to do what they think is right and just hope that they do it with a bit more sensitivity than what they have shamefully displayed recently.

After all that, we drove to Gatineau for my nephew William's baptism and spent a fantastic weekend with my family.  Both the brothers and my dad were there so pretty much the whole family.  Had a lot of fun playing soccer and baseball with the kids, took advantage of the nice kiddie playground close to my brother's house, and spend a lot of time outside lounging around having a good old chat.  Also got to see my other baby nephew Eliot who is growing like a weed and nearly walking now.

In all, quite a week, definitely more exciting than normal!

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