Monday, August 6, 2012

2012 Lake Erie Sailing Trip – Day 15, Friday

We awake to another sweltering hot day, have a shower, then made a nice bacon and eggs breakfast in the yacht club kitchen, which is fully stocked, clean and cool.  We then head downtown for a long, slow coffee at the gourmet roasters, then browse the fancy shops, where Ana finds a selection of divine purses but miraculously does not purchase one, likely because it’s full retail price, and this does not jive with her bargain hunting ways.

Around noon we climb a very old cobblestone street and find the Ashtabula marine museum, which is full of interesting marine artifacts, boat models, newspaper clippings, a somewhat functioning pilothouse from a freighter, a replica of the work yards including a functioning model train, lots of local history books and a bunch of other stuff I can’t even remember.  One of the older gents working there was an encyclopedia of marine knowledge and happy to share, so we spent at least an hour and a half there listening to his stories and poking around.  We then returned to the boats and were invited over to Endeavour for happy hour.  I mixed myself a perfect gin and tonic walked over to Andrew’s boat, stepped over to his boat, completely missed the boat, and did an immediate four foot drop headed for the mucky waters of Ashtabula channel.  Fortunately, as I slid down the side of his boat, my speed was restrained by my leg skidding down the fibreglass, and then actually halted by my elbow catching the edge of the boat.  My main thought throughout the disastrous collapse was to save the gin and tonic, which I did, minus a single large splash and lemon wedge which hit Endeavour’s carpet.   But I really should have seen this coming, you see I have a habit of spilling things on Andrew’s carpet and thus far in the trip I had spilled nothing so I was definitely due. 

After a soothing drink and some ice bags applied to leg and arm, we decided it was time to head home, as the weather was good and we just felt ready.  We prepped the boats and at 5:30 we left the Ashtabula dock, and we would arrive back in Port Dover exactly 23 hours later, exhausted from the overnight sail, but happy to be home and once again feeling very fortunate to experience such adventures right on our backyard.

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