Sunday, June 29, 2014

Saturday, June 21, 2014 – The Adventure Begins

Friday – our last day in Canada for a while.  On the way home to pick up our bags I said to Ana, “So what do you think of having ten weeks of free time?”  Normally, finding ten minutes of free time during a typical day is a challenge.  And is it really “free time”?  That usually means you have nothing else to do, and with two kids, jobs and a house, there is always something to do.  This summer, the only items on our to-do list will be Food, Drinks and Shelter.  And we will be able to spend time on things we choose to, not things we have to.  This is a luxury that few people will ever get to experience, so we plan on relishing this time with our children, exploring the world, and appreciating every minute of it.

We left Toronto late Friday night and it is now early Sunday morning as we wait in the Hong Kong airport for our connecting flight to Singapore.  The flight took us over the North Pole then down through Russia and China, and the airplane had an amazing flight tracker system which included a camera on the bottom of the plane where you could watch the ground passing below – the kids loved it!  We all got some sleep on the plane and enjoyed the limitless selection of movies, televisions and music that was available.

We purposely did not plan much for our trip as we didn’t want to be tied into a schedule of places we had to be at particular dates and times.  We have our return flights booked from Bangkok at the end of August and our first two nights of accommodation in Singapore – besides that, anything goes.  We are hoping we can meet some fellow travelers along the way who can tell us of some nice places they have visited.

It is an exciting time for the Olson family!

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