Sunday, June 29, 2014

Sunday, June 29 – Exploring Cherating, Malaysia

The internet has really changed the traveling experience.  The last time we did a backpacking trip, there were internet cafes everywhere, in every country, and you would rent out a chair and computer for as long as you needed and do your emailing, research and so on.  Now, the advent of 3G and smart phones has rendered these nearly obsolete as it is cheap and easy to carry the internet around in your pocket.  We have a small laptop so have been using the wireless hotspot on Ana’s iPhone to provide an internet connection which means we can do all our research from anywhere.  Yet, once again, this is another example where the internet allows us to physically disconnect from other people and rely less on others, which is sometimes one of the adventurous parts of traveling.  For example, we have been able to book all of our accommodation ahead of time, whereas in the past, it would be more common to show up in a new place, then start scouting around for a place to stay, which obviously had unpredictable results!

As this was our last day in Cherating we decided to make a real beach day of it and spent the whole time lounging and visiting with our new friends.  As it was a Sunday it was especially gratifying knowing that we could enjoy the day without thinking of returning to work the following day.  Although we did have to do one chore – laundry.  I was expecting there to be laundry places everywhere here, but we have only seen one, and that was through the window of a speeding taxi, so we are taking care of laundry backpacker style.  Which means, fill the bathroom sink with hot water, dump in some Woolite (actually now we have these cool green sheets which are made of detergent and simply dissolve in the water), then hand wash each piece of clothing, wring it out, then hang them on any available outdoor furniture, or use an iron to dry them out.  So far I’ve work the same pair of shorts every day so Ana forced me to relinquish them for a washing.  I should now be good for at least another week.

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