Wednesday, July 4, 2018

Thousand Islands June 29 - Back to Kingston!

Two weeks have passed and they have been busy ones. After having successfully delivered Bella Blue to Kingston, the boys split up and went their own ways. We drove back to Toronto with  Curt, had lunch downtown and watched most of the England game, and then left him to find his way to the airport for his evening flight while we suffered through a punishing three hour drive through dense traffic to finally arrive back home far later than expected. Sailboats may be slow, but the one thing you rarely have to contend with is traffic.

Ana had her largest fundraiser of the year - The Taste of Glenhyrst - on Thursday that first week and it was a smashing success. Magnus had his grade 8 graduation on Friday and gave a rousing valedictory address – we were very proud of him. I left for Toronto early Saturday morning to take a two day sailing course which culminated in a final exam with a written and an on-water portion, both of which I passed to earn the ICC International Certificate of Competency) designation which allows me to charter boats in European countries. Next up, catamaran charter in Croatia!

The following week sped by, as it was the kids’ final week of school so there was not much in the way of in-class educational activities, but plenty of day trips and fun stuff to wear down those final days. Ana and I both had busy work weeks, trying to get everything done before busting out for our two week holiday.

Friday finally arrives, and by 6pm we are on the road. We use the 407 toll highway to avoid the congested mess of Toronto traffic and make it to Kingston in just over four hours. We walk into Andrew’s house and there’s a stranger sitting the couch, by himself, drinking beer and eating pistachios. Adrian introduces himself and we sit and chat for a while, then Andrew, Victoria, Tony and Angela arrive after enjoying a meal in downtown Kingston. We have a lot of laughs, a couple of drinks, and then we retire to the boats for a furious round of bed making, refrigerator packing and gear sorting before finally getting to sleep sometime after midnight. This is going to be a great trip

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