Sunday, July 14, 2019

Day 12 - Roller Coaster Day

Of all the days on our Lake Erie sailing trips, this is the one that is the most predictable. We enter the park right at 9am and ride roller coasters like crazy until noon, getting scorched under the furious sun, then return to the boat for lunch and a chill out session. Next, we head to the water park and spend several hours water sliding and doing laps in the lazy river. We return to the boats for dinner then head back out to the park for more roller coasters and a beautiful evening walk on the boardwalk by the beach. The difference this year is we have not one but two great sets of friends to spend the time with!

My last moment of the day is nearly perfect. Ana, Magnus and I take a ride on the Wind Seeker, which we tried to get on several times during the day but they kept closing it for various reasons. The ride is simple - a bunch of swings spinning around a carousel, but the carousel goes way, way up high, uncomfortably high, crazy high. But up there the view is simply amazing - the lit up coasters, the blackness of the lake, the lines of fancy boats in the marina, all seen while being swung around rapidly, hundreds of feet above the ground. Why is the moment only "nearly" perfect? Well, we didn’t have Stella with us - she was taking on more monster roller coasters with her buddies.

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