Friday, July 24, 2020

Exploring Kincardine

It’s 9 o’clock and time to get up after a few hours of sleep. We get dockage sorted with the office and move into a slip that has power so we can fire up Dan the air conditioner to combat the humidity and heat building in the cabin. Once that chilly air starts to flow Magnus proclaims Dan to be the coolest crew member…followed closely by him in second place. We have toast and cereal for breakfast and as we’re eating Stella hits us with some trivia. “See this cereal I’m eating,” she asks. “How do you spell it?”

“F-R-U-I-T  L-O-O-P-S, “ I spell out.

“Nope, it’s F-R-O-O-T  L-O-O-P-S. You lose!” Stella says triumphantly.

“Wow. Not only do they poison your kids, they also teach them to spell incorrectly,” adds Ana.

This is the first time any of us have ever been to Kincardine - a place known for its Scottish heritage. The marina is a little beaten up, but it is in a very nice location with easy access to downtown and the public beaches. It is a warm and muggy day and we depart for a walking tour of the town to see what we can find. The downtown area is nice but there is not much open, although we do find a couple of shops to browse in and a mobile food wagon where we order a poutine and deep fried pickles for a snack. The poutine is excellent but the second item really should have been called “Deep Fried Pickle” as five bucks bought us a single pickle sliced into quarters - nice margin on that one buddy.

We walk north of the marina across a public beach and then along a beautiful shoreline trail that had quant cottages, many of which looked to be original. There are also a number of cute painted rock gardens and then a larger community garden area that lead into another path called “Lover’s Lane”, and I immediately fall in love with my wife all over again because she is DA BOMBA PORTUGUESA! During the walk we did see many other couples in love and people walking and biking, many wearing masks and all keeping their distance.

Dinner is served back on Bella Blue then we all mix up drinks and walk down to the beach to enjoy a sundowner. The sunsets all along the Lake Huron shoreline are incredible and there are often hundreds of people there to enjoy it. Along the way we hear the sounds of a bagpiper and would learn that a bagpiper appears and plays at the top of the lighthouse every evening to bring down the sun and chase out any accordion players. Along the beach we find some giant oversized metal beach chars which we climb and settle into to watch the sun dip into the lake and disappear for another day. Shortly after that, we too disappear for another day, hoping for an early start tomorrow up to Tobermory. We had thought we may leave tonight but the winds are simply too high and we aren’t that keen to face an angry lake after yesterday’s trip.

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