Monday, May 2, 2022

Mexico - Day at the Resort, Towel Theft, Grass Dancing

We had noticed that Angela and Tony were looking thin, weak, and hungry due to their non all-inclusive setting there in Playa Royale so we invited them to spend a full with us at the Riu to beef them up a bit. The day was very straightforward – after a huge and lengthy breakfast we went to the beach and kayaked then went to the beach restaurant for a massive lunch, then took a long hot walk on the beach, then had a bunch of drinks in our room on the balcony, followed by a gigantic dinner then more drinks and maybe a cigar in there somewhere.

Beyond your typical resort day, there were two items of interest. First, somebody stole one of the towels off our chair when we were on our walk, so “we” (not going to say who) stole one back from somebody else, kicking off a chain reaction of towel theft that went on all day and was great fun for all those guests involved. Second, during dinner there was an amazing saxophone player ripping out elevator classics like Careless Whisper, Piano Man, The Girl from Ipanema, and many other foot tapping dandies. We were so overtaken by joy we had a little barefoot dance on the graahhs, Ed Sheeran style.

And that was an excellent day.

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