Thursday, January 12, 2023

2023 Holguin, Cuba - Bowling, Busted Fillings, and Tom Jones Speaking Spanish

Groundhog day.

You hit that point in the trip where things start to meld together and it’s hard to tell one day from the next. That was today. Big morning walk, kids slept in, breakfast with John and Maria, long snorkeling session with Ana and Stella, uninspiring lunch and dinner, evening Uno in the lobby. The only things of note today were that Ana, Maria and the kids went bowling at the nearby plaza while I stayed back with John to do some writing as he watched a 1970’s Tom Jones action movie overdubbed in Spanish. Oh, one more thing, the caps on the bottles of the water the resort supplies are extremely tight so as I was using my back teeth to hold the cap while twisting the bottle, there was a crunching noise and a big filling on one of my molars cracked apart. I think the pieces may have fallen into one of Stella’s Adidas sneakers so I told her to watch for pebbles in her shoe. Fortunately, the exposed part of my tooth didn’t even hurt so it was probably one of them wily dentists giving me a filling I didn’t need.

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