Monday, December 4, 2000

Dec 4, 2000 - Santo Domingo

Just a little more than two weeks until we leave for Canada!

Things have been quiet of late.  We have both been working and getting home after 7:00 most nights so after we have had supper and gone to the gym there isn't much time left.  We have been spending most weekends at home relaxing, catching up on the internet, and basically just enjoying the comforts of having a permanent apartment!

We are having a Christmas pool party here next weekend which should be a good laugh.  Most of Ana's staff is coming as well as some of the people from Shell.  The landlord is "sharing" the party with us by inviting the rest of the tenants here so it should be a good crowd.

The weather has been beautiful up until a few days ago when it got rainy and overcast.  Don't mind the rain for a few days but hopefully the sun will shine the next couple weekends so we can work on our tans before returning to Canada for Christmas!

That's it for now, take care!