Sunday, May 4, 2014

An Excellent Travel Idea for Baby Boomers

I did a presentation about travel at the Brantford Rotary Club on Friday.  I quite enjoyed myself, and managed to secure myself a delicious, free lunch.  Some people will do anything for a free lunch, even embarrass themselves in front of a crowd composed mainly of fiesty baby boomers.

I had plenty of travel ideas and suggestions for the audience, but there was one that I forgot to mention that I am still regretting.  I really can’t believe I forgot to tell them about this as it’s one of the most adventurous, unforgettable, mind bending experiences a baby boomer could experience.  And this travel experience is not only easy on the pocketbook, but also offers the opportunity to meet other humble, pleasant and open minded individuals.

What am I talking about?  A death metal concert, of course.

Often overlooked by baby boomers, a death metal concert provides an authentic, accessible, adventurous, herbal travel experience.

On Monday, May 12th, my two favourite metal heads (brother Marty and brother-in-law Mark) and I will be joined by my boomer dad for an epic concert in Buffalo, New York featuring the two greatest bands currently on the heavy metal scene - Mastodon and Gojira.  I will also be turning 42 that day and am out to prove that Monday birthdays don’t always have to suck.

Now if you are yourself a boomer, you may be very much like my dad.  Currently in your 60’s and either retired or closing in on it, you probably have adult children and likely some grandchildren.  You may do some traveling, perhaps down to the Caribbean, or Mexico, or within Canada to visit family and friends.  And I bet the last concert you went to was Rod Stewart, Elton John, Bob Seger, Billy Joel, Michael Buble or Celine Dion.  Not that there’s anything wrong with those artists, but I assure you that listening to their music will produce feelings of nothing more than tranquility, calm and gentle satisfaction.  But isn’t that a wee bit boring?  Even lame?  Quite.

Upon leaving a death metal concert, you feel urgently compelled to seek out an axe, helmet, and shield then strap on a battle jerkin and go out raiding.  You are sweaty, smelly, either partially or completely stoned, drunk and probably lost one of your companions along the way.  If you had a phone or camera it’s been smashed or lost and your neck is completely loose and flexible from rotating your head wildly in an attempt to swing your non-existent hair in an awesome circular motion like the raging guitarist.  You have either been punched, or have punched somebody out, and the last time that happened was in grade 6 when you and Julio went at it down by the schoolyard.  You are not sure what happened to the shirt you wore to the show, but you are now sporting an awesome, black, beer and sweat drenched concert t-shirt that likely has a skull printed on it somewhere.  You don’t have a clue what the hell the singer was saying for any of the songs, but it doesn't matter because the death grunts belted into the microphone said it all.  Your ears are picking up a constant hum, and will remain to do so for a week.  If you are lucky you managed to catch a drumstick or guitar pick and was able to beat off the other skids who were trying to tackle you to the ground and take it from you.

You don’t have to travel far and wide for an authentic, new, and completely different experience.  And being a baby boomer doesn’t mean you have to start doing old people things.  My dad has always been adventurous, curious, open minded and retains the enthusiasm of a kid.  I hope to remain like that too as I get older.

Dad, you rock.

Supplemental - 2 days later....

After reading this blog I received the following from my dad, who is currently at my brother's house taking care of my two young nephews:

"Just realized that the McDonalds playland is good training for the upcoming metal concert - complete with mosh pit, 145 decibel noise level, screaming, and the occasional head butt."