Wednesday, September 23, 2009

The Shift Home in Saskatoon

My brother Curtis will soon be finishing his latest development project called the Shift Home, located in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. It's an ultra modern, super energy efficient urban dwelling that is now available for sale. I've attached a link to his website which has all the details - also at ...and if that doesn't do it for you, our cabin at Fishing Lake is still for sale and has been dropped by 20k to $139,900. That price includes all the geese and ducks you can blow away with your shotgun from the back patio.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Las Vegas

We finally made it down to Vegas for a long weekend, what a time we had! As usual, the kids were star travelers, we consistently find that they are much better behaved when we are on vacation then when we are at home. In fact, Stella admitted to Ana that she much preferred hotel beds to her princess bed at home. Princess, indeed. As expected, it was hot - just short of 40 each day. The dry, cloudless days were a much needed relief from the wet and cloudy Ontario summer we've lived through this year. Fortunately for the folks back home, the Labour Day long weekend was warm and sunny, which obviously made our escape less enviable, but enviable nonetheless. I haven't been in Las Vegas for 15 years and the changes were astounding. All the glamorous new hotels I explored last time were now eclipsed by mind bending new behemoths built upon the demolished remains of old mobster casinos. Among our favourites were the Venetian and Paris. Of course the older casinos were still amazing, especially the Luxor pyramid, which was Magnus' favourite. That little boy was a real trooper, he kept up with us the whole time as we walked miles each day exploring the strip. We are now down to one vacation on deck (sailing in January) so we really must plan something else. Our family policy is "two vacations in the hopper at all times"!