Tuesday, February 10, 2009


This is year two of our website redesign project. Year one didn't go so well - we came up with lots of ideas to improve and modernize the site, but then life got in the way! One area to update is our journal. We are now in the tenth year of logging journal entries and during the time, the internet has come a long way to say the least. Our current system of adding journals is very manual so I decided to set up a proper blogging account and link it back to our website. Now that I have it set up I am really amazed by the functionality available, much more than I was anticipating. Just being able to add to the blog from any computer or even mobile phone will be a major improvement. Recently, I've been wanting to do more writing on the various thoughts I have on other topics, such as investing, real estate, landlording, and raising kids. I find it very interesting to look back at old journal postings on our website, which are mainly travel related. To help develop my investing skills I think it will be good to log how I'm currently viewing the markets and my current investment strategy then look back in a year and see if they were the right decisions at the time. This should help in making me a better investor. I'd also like to use this to start building up our lifeisgrand mailing list. I am currently working on a book and once it's done it will be nice to have an email list ready to help in marketing the final product. Welcome to the new lifeisgrand blog!

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