Monday, August 1, 2011

2011 Sailing Trip - Day 12 – Port Dover

Miles by boat – 20

I take over from Ana as we round Long Point and she settles in for a cockpit nap. The change in course puts us with the wind directly in our face so I decide, sadly, to fire up the engine, as having to tack back and forth against the wind would add hours and miles to our trip, which is long enough already, and we were hoping to get back to the dock early enough to get a couple hours sleep before the kids wake up.

I pull in the sails, get the engine at 3200 rpm, set the autopilot, then settle in for the ride. To pass the time, I fire up Angry Birds Rio on the iPad and spend a full two hours slingshotting various type of birdies into monkeys, blocks, bricks, trees and sticks, passing at least ten levels. Thanks iPad!

We finally pull into the dock at 5:45, as the sun is rising on a lovely morning in Port Dover. We do a perfect docking and I get the boat tied up and plugged in while Ana calls Canadian customs and has us cleared in a matter of minutes. We are now officially back in the country and back home after 390 miles, 12 days, 8 marinas, 0 disasters and way too many laughs to count!

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